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CA PE Exam

We routinely solicit comments from students and sometimes they include candid testimonials. Here is a sampling of kind words from former students over the past handful of years. We have omitted comments relating to specific elements of the exams.

Civil Principles & Practice Exam Review

April 2014

I thought your class was very helpful in preparing, but I should have worked more problems. Thanks for your help. --Jay D., April 2014

Civil Principles & Practice Exam Review

October 2013

Overall, I´m very glad I took your course. Your notes were extremely helpful and I might´ve studied the wrong material if I wasn´t given your direction. Some of the examples in you notes were spot on and were definitely found in the test. Blake W. (SF)
*Note: civilpereview.com now offers live webinars for the 8-hour Civil PE Exam Review —ed.

The morning review was very helpful, all of the problems I felt confident in answering with the lecture materials supplied... I do appreciate the tricks you showed during the breadth and they did help out a lot. I am very confident in my performance in that area... your class was very informative and I also appreciated the fact that the class was offered online. Becky S. (Webinar)

Overall, I am very pleased with the modules and I wish I would have taken something similar for the land surveying test. Andrea T. (Webinar)

Civil Principles & Practice Exam Review

April 2013

Your classes were great! As short & to the point as possible. Just a matter of investing the time into practicing problems after that. Jose S. (SF Area)
*Note: civilpereview.com now offers live webinars for the 8-hour Civil PE Exam Review —ed.

In all, I feel like I will finally break my curse and pass it. Domingo C. (Sacramento Area)

Special California Civil Engineering Surveying Exam Review

April 2012

The surveying class I took this week was great. Jim presents the information in a simple, yet effective, fashion. I am really hoping that Jim will conduct webinars for the 8-hour exam in [the future]. Faris S. (Webinar)
*Note: civilpereview.com now offers live webinars for the 8-hour Civil PE Exam Review —ed.

I just would like to let you know that I really liked your class. You are well organized and focused on preparing students for the exam. I will keep recommending your course to other staff and friends. Michael K. (Sacramento Area)

April 2012

Civil Principles & Practice Exam Review

I passed... finally (after 3 tries). Your class and materials had a lot to do with this. Prior to taking it, I was very lost in how I should focus my study efforts. Prior to taking your class, I was focused on trying to learn everything that could possibly show up on an exam instead of focusing on the items that realistically and classically have shown up on the exam. Your materials really helped me to only study on the most important test subjects. Adam O. (SF Bay Area)

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and support. I have finally passed the PE! It's been a long time coming and I just thought I would let you know the good news. I appreciated the time and patience you had in all of your teachings. So, thank you again for your guidance, knowledge and materials. Debbie B. (Sacramento, CA)

So I am over the hurdle, and licensed. I figure you like to know all individual results so you have an idea of how effective your classes are. Thanks for the help. Your classes really helped me focus my study efforts. After my second failure, I had kinda lost hope. Adam O. (SF Bay Area, CA)

Your class was fantastic, and while I am still working towards 'fully prepared', I have no doubt I will be there before the exams. Lisa K. (SF Bay Area)

...your course worked for me. After not studying for 7-years, I passed the first time around. I wouldn´t have been able to do that without your class. Thanks so much for an awesome review course. Amy H. (Sacramento Area)

I strongly believe in your program and methodology for preparing students for the PE exam. Jeanette A. (SF Bay Area)

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Special California Civil Engineering Surveying Exam Review

October 2011

I took your review class, and upon reflection, found it to be perfectly structured to well prepare me for the CA/Surveying exam. Your guidance as to where to focus my study efforts for the test was invaluable! Thank you! Craig S. (Hayward, CA)

I felt like your class was very helpful in preparing for the exam. Alex R. (Sacramento, CA)

Civil Principles & Practice Exam Review

October 2011

I really appreciate all your help over the past weeks, you definitely helped me get through it! Ben B. (Sacramento, CA)

I would like to thank you for all the efforts you put in to pick which topics to pay attention more and supply us the notes to be familiarized with and made it part of out reference. I feel I did good in the exam. The course helped me a lot to have a better understanding in all subjects discussed in class and was able to use it at the exam. J.T. (Hayward, CA)

Thanks again for all your help in preparing for this test. I found the class very beneficial in how to use my time to study and getting me back in the mindset of all the formulas and concepts that I needed to know for the exam.Wendel L. (Sacramento, CA)

You did a nice job targeting high prob stuff!Marvin T. (Sacramento, CA)

Your class was very helpful. Doing the homework definitely provided me with a good general sense of the material.Gary Q. (Hayward, CA)

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Special California Civil Engineering Surveying Exam Review

April 2010

Your class was very helpful. This was my 4th time taking the Civil Survey portion of the PE exam. I knew about 45 of the 50 questions and I felt comfortable of all of them that I answered. Nicolas B., ES (Sacramento, CA)

In terms of the survey review class taught by James Monroe, I thought it helped me a great deal. I took it as more of a review because it had been a few years since I really looked at survey problems, and I think his class helped me get jump-started back into survey mode.Alriel G., ES (Oakland, CA)

Civil Principles & Practice Exam Review

April 2010

Your class was great for me... I wouldn´t have been able to do as much as I did without your help. I like that you tell us what chapters to review and what problems to focus on or not focus on. There weren't any big surprises on the test.Eugene B., Civil PE (Burbank, CA)

Thanks again for teaching the class. I've recommended you and the class to fellow employees, as your program was recommended to me. You definitely "Have Game" and your many Monroeisms will always stick with me.David G., Civil PE (Irvine, CA)

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April 2009

Thanks for the course; I felt like it really helped me in the areas that I was most worried about, which were the hydraulics, open channel flow, soils, transportation.Paula B., Civil PE (Burbank, CA)

After taking the PPI class taught by Jim Monroe... I feel like I was very well prepared for the NCEES 8-hour exam...Mike D., Civil PE (Sacramento, CA)

In general, I used your class notes more than the book, because some of the questions were like model [computations]...Tom N., Civil PE (Irvine, CA)

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October 2008

Overall thought...I think your class gave me a great shot for my first time...Andrew D., Civil PE (Burbank, CA)

April 2008

Thank you for a well organized class. It really helped me in orienting and in knowing what to study. Solving examples from the class and some extra ones would be enough for the... exam. I would recommend your class to everybody who is out of school for longer time.Karen B., Civil PE (Sacramento, CA)

I also thought the class was well paced and it really helped me to study. I know I wouldn´t have been as well prepared for the exam without the class.Jose C., Civil PE (San Diego, CA)

Overall Jim, your class prepared me for the exam from multiple perspectives. Your first class brought out the best strategy – attempt a strong background in as many subject areas as possible. This definitely helped me. Your class helped me structure my time as it quickly became apparent to me that I needed to learn a topic and practice problems.Allen S., Civil PE (Irvine, CA)

Ok so I was overly prepared for the exam. I really feel that your classes made it very easy to pass the exam. I feel 100% confident in all the section[s] with the exception of the seismic portion, but you do not teach that class. The survey class really helped prepare you for the survey exam. Overall I would strongly recommend taking Jim's classes.Brian W., Civil PE (Irvine, CA)

Your review is one of the best I have ever heard of. The most important part that you taught us is skipping over time suckers. Thank you again for your awesome class!Matthew J., Civil PE (Sacramento, CA)

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October 2007

Thank you very much for your class. It was extremely helpful. It was nice to have an instructor who could cut through all the useless stuff and give us the essentials to pass the exam.Albert L., Civil PE (Burbank, CA)

I would like to thank you for the PECE lectures and the prep that I had. Your lectures and the reading material were very helpful for the exam. That is all one needs to do. You were very knowledgeable and experienced in all civil engineering subject matters. Thanks again.Suzanne M., Civil PE (Sacramento, CA)

Thanks for teaching the review class it helped a lot and you know your stuff.Sharon C., Civil PE (Sacramento, CA)

...do as Mr. Monroe says: Throttle down in order to prevent mental exhaustion. I saw guys wandering around during lunch time who did not know to take this advice. Thank you for your time and consideration.Kimberly E., Civil PE (Irvine, CA)

I have recommended the class to a coworker, so she will be coming this summer. Thanks for a great class! It recharged my interest in engineering. I had forgotten why I had liked engineering in the first place.Kerry F., Civil PE (Sacramento, CA)

I believe that the most important thing that I took away from the class was the strategy for the test. The idea of "Harvesting" points was useful to me. It allowed me to thumb through the test, mark the easy ones and complete them right away and get moving on the test. Then moving to the do-able with effort problems and skipping the lengthy ones. Lastly attacking the sucker problems with the left over time allowed me to complete the exams without any freaking out or large amounts of wasted time.Martin G., Civil PE (Sacramento, CA)

Thanks for a great class. I don't think there was any other way I could have gotten the breadth of material needed.Carlos P., Civil PE (Burbank, CA)

The review & exam process were grueling, but I´m glad I took a review course.Nava S., Civil PE (Burbank, CA)

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October 2006

Thanks for teaching such a great course. I felt very prepared and did not really come across much on the exam that I was not expecting or not able to handle with relative calm. Keep teaching it and I will keep recommending it.Jason A., Civil PE (Burbank, CA)

I spent the first 6 weeks going through the review manuals and working the practice problems BEFORE the review class even started. When the class started, I was already somewhat familiar with the material and ultimately used the course not to learn all the material, but to pick up tips and some other information on my areas of weakness. Having done this approach, I feel that I got the highest benefit out of the class. It taught me the material that I would need to know for the exam, yet somehow couldn't get to click when I was reading it on my own.Laura G., Civil PE (Burbank, CA)

Bottom line, put the time in and listen to Jim. If you do these two things, you will be feeling pretty good when you walk out the exam. Then you can start to enjoy life again!Sam D., Civil PE (Sacramento, CA)

I thought that the class was worth my time. I liked the format. You went into enough detail to get the important points across, but did not over-analyze any subjects... I also enjoyed your input on what type of questions we would most likely see on the exam. This kind of information is very helpful.Patrick M., Civil PE (Sacramento, CA)

Overall, the exam went very well and I had enough confidence in my performance to feel comfortable about the expected result, and the PE Review session has a lot to do with it.Kenya H., Civil PE (Las Vegas, CA)

The course handouts were very helpful in studying and during the PE exam. The homework problems helped in preparing for the exam, similar questions were on the exam. I feel that your review course prepared me to take the exam, since it has been over 12 years since I had graduated from college and a refresher was necessary.Jonathan K., Civil PE (Burbank, CA)

Thanks for the insight and help in your class. I don't think I would have had a fighting chance without it. I recommend the review course to anyone wanting to pass this exam.Edward L., Civil PE (Burbank, CA)

This was not the first time that I took the PE exam. But I feel much more confident after this exam, largely due to your review course. I would recommend the review course to anyone wanting to pass this exam.Jake N., Civil PE (Burbank, CA)

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