"Bring-a-Friend" Rebate Offer

Bring a Friend – Get Cash Back!

Simply bring up to two friends per class session and receive a $25 rebate for each friend that enrolls.

Here's how it works. First, complete the enrollment form and be sure to enter up to two friends' names in the appropriate form fields. Next, have your friend or friends enroll for the same class listing you in the Bring-a-Friend portion of the form prior to the first day of class. If you bring one friend, each of you receive $25 back on the first day of class. If you bring two friends each of you will receive $50 back on the first day of class just be sure to have them both list you on their enrollment forms.

Guarantee Offer

Requirements and Conditions

California Civil PE Review guarantees that each student meeting our course guarantee requirements will pass the Civil Principles & Practice exam or the student may repeat the Civil Principles & Practice Exam Review course for free once for the subsequent Civil Principles & Practice exam at any offered venues. Due to the short format of the Special CA CE Surveying Exam Review course, no guarantee is offered.

Here's how it works. Just satisfy the Civil Principles & Practice Exam Review Course Guarantee requirements, then write to us to redeem your free enrollment in our live online webinar Civil Principles & Practice Exam Review course. The Guarantee requirements are:

Students must attend all lecture sessions and the Capstone Review session and electronically submit a minimum of 100 student-completed solutions to published practice problems from any of the following references:

The deadline for electronic submittals of completed practice problem solutions is noon on the date of the official Civil Principles & Practices examination.
Students must take and fail the exam on the first exam date following the completion of their Civil Principles & Practice Exam Review course.
Students must request their guarantee redemption in writing in order to fulfill. The request must include a copy of the exam failure notice from the applicable state agency responsible for engineering licensure.

Limited Access to Video Recordings of the Lecture Sessions


California Civil PE Review records the audio and video stream of its lecture sessions presented online via live webinar and makes those available for streaming to enrolled students. Additionally, on-demand streaming of such recordings is offered as part of its On-Demand Video Lecture Series.

The videos typically run approximately one hour each, so for a six-hour course, there will be approximately six videos available. The limitation to student access is three online viewing sessions for each one-hour video. That is, access to each video is limited to three viewings.